With our suite of Services, we always have project ongoing, and as agreed with our clients we can offer work experience for interested delegates. This require commitment and high degree of trust, as we expect once you start the project to see it through to the end. It will span over 3 months, and delegates can join the project at any phase as applicable in real project world. The project will be done using a hybrid of Agile and waterfall methodology.

Upon your registration you will be expected to submit an application with your CV. This we will use to determine your level of expertise and where to place you within the team structure so therefore ensure you have an up to date CV relating to Business Analysis work. For people enrolled on the BA course you will be able to join a project once you have finalised your CV as applicable to the role.

Who is this for?

The eProject work is structured to support Fresh graduate or career changers who are looking to gain hands-on experience as a Business Analyst.

If you have been trained by us, this comes as part of the training package.  However, for those who had their training elsewhere or are on a free refresher course and are just looking for work experience we do offer eProject Work on its own as a service. Please go to our Schedule page to register.

How will this work?

This will be done remotely using digital technology to connect with the rest of the team, you can also gain mentors for previous delegates who have offered to mentor others.

This is a self-organizing and self-managing team, it is expected that team members will take responsibility for their tasks and follow the laid down rules as if they are working in real world, this is in short – work experience!

The team will have their kick off meeting, and agreed the scope of work and team roles, responsibility and deliverables – once you register we will be sharing more details on this.

What you will get:

  • Live Project:
  • Tools:
  • Mentoring:

Our typical Projects:

There will be a variety of projects ranging from digital transformation to facility move or process improvements. Crystal options will make the decisions where delegates will be best placed.


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