STEM is only for men and it is too techie! Now this is not a cliché USAID research states that there are less women in Leadership roles in their career, predominantly in the world of Technology and more so in the developing world. There is this general acceptance that female are for certain jobs and men are cut out for some jobs.

It is also widely known that within the technology/digital industry the ratio of men to women is 5:1, so this calls out a gender gap and the fact that the tech world is very much still a boy’s club in so many ways mainly in the leadership roles, startups and programming. For creativity and innovation to thrive we need a balanced view involving both gender, therefore it is imperative that the workplace is more inclusive by making diversity their agenda.

Organisations tends to benefit with these pool of untapped resources available to them for the growth of their business which will in turn increase the overall economic GDP.

The WEF in partnership has set agenda to close the gender gap in partnership with various key stakeholders.

Ways to make IT more attractive to female

  • Oganisations to create job opportunity
  • Incentive such as improving work life balance
  • Commitment to Training and lifelong training
  • Role Models that the ones coming in can look up to
  • Invest in Female entrepreneur
  • Leverage on Female New platforms such as “Female Techpreneur”

There are a million ways to demystify IT, the list is in exhaustive and I am sure you will agree with me on this one. Feel free to add your view below and let’s dialogue.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to reading your view on the topic.

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  1. Kemi Oyesola 3 weeks ago

    I totally agree, Buki. However, the problem is not that females are limited from being tech savvy but because the woman interested in tech believes the narrative that is currently being bandied about. What we believe is a choice. It is time, just as you said that the gender gap is closed and closed tightly too. About time the female adds to and therefore changes the narrative to fit her in and add to the diversity of thought, diversity of design, diversity of action and diversity of behaviour. Something is missing when we don’t show up. Time to show up. And stay up.

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